09 February 2012


Hey y'all!  I'm starting another new series today called BOOKMARK.  I've always loved reading, but I often find myself pulling books off the bookshelf at Barnes & Noble not necessarily for what they're about, but for what their covers look like.  So I'm going to split BOOKMARK into two parts:
 COVER: for a well-designed book cover that's caught my eye 
PAGES: for a book that I've been reading or I want to read soon.  
Hopefully there's some bibliophiles out there that'll enjoy this series as much as I do! 
Guernica and Other Plays by Fernando Arrabal
Designer: James Victore, Art Director: John Call
Typeface: Caslon
I got this for Christmas and have yet to have the time to finish it, but it's a great look at the relationship between four best friends, all very different, who met the first day of college and have been part of each other's lives ever since.
"A tender story of friendship, a witty take on liberal arts colleges, and a fascinating portrait of the first generation of women who have all the opportunities in the world, but no clear idea about what to choose." - via amazon

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