29 October 2012


Yo yo yo, dear readers.

If you, like me, are currently residing on the East Coast, you've been getting all sorts of alerts and updates about the impending Frankenstorm, our dear friend Sandy.  Currently, she's my new best friend, as classes were cancelled today!!!  (But actually, this never happens).  Which means that instead of spending Sunday night in the library and waking up at 8 am this morning, everyone went out to bars last night.  Picture a packed bar filled with students in leggings and t-shirts and raincoats, most straight from the library, getting drunk and randomly starting chants of "Sandy! Sandy!".  Quite the experience.

If you're not as lucky as I am and have to brave the elements, here's a suggestion for a cute and colorful outfit.  None of this cutesy little trenchcoat stuff here - Sandy means business.  Patagonia rain jacket, Bean Boots with Gor-Tex, and Under Armour Coldgear leggings will keep you warm and dry.  A cute doggie sweater and a plaid scarf keep you from looking like Bear Grylls.  Throw in a cheeky survival guide for helpful tips and a flashlight in case the power goes (or you have to bash someone's head in, obvs) and you've got yourself a hurricane-proof outfit!

In honor of that, go drink a Hurricane.


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY, Hurricane Sandy edition.
Photo from HSM + middle school AIM quote = cheesefest.

26 October 2012

Sorry that there were a grand total of zero posts between Monday's THOUGHT FOR THE DAY and Friday's THINGS I PINNED AND LIKED.  I suck majorly.  But actually I'm just busybusybusy like a bee.  Next week is super big for me - two big midterms, my best friend's birthday, Halloween, and the huge 200-person event that I've been planning all fall and which I'm still not there yet on.  So you probably won't be hearing very much of me until November, but I'll try and pop in and say wassup and show you a pretty picture or two.
Until then, stay classy, San Diego.



19 October 2012


Going to see the Avett Brothers
#lifesucks #can'tafforda$200ticket #pityme

So while I cry myself to sleep, I'll leave you with my current favorite on-repeat already-know-all-the-words song:


Listen & love dudes!

18 October 2012



Running around like a chicken with my head chopped off this week - school work, midterms, planning three events at once, and spending far too much time on Facebook and Pinterest really takes it out of a girl!   I only wish I looked this fabulous running around town!  
glittery heels > running shoes

16 October 2012


It's October, dudes, and you know what that means: HALLOWEEN!  Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays, and there's nothing better than celebrating it in college.  Instead of wearing one costume and going out trick-or-treating one night, you get to go out all weekend, wearing a different costume every night!  It's a dream come true!! (Though with considerably more alcohol than candy).  Also, one of my favorite events of all time at my school is Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn, where all of the kiddos from around town dress up and come trick-or-treat at the rooms that line the Lawn on campus.  It's literally the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your life.  I usually spend the entire afternoon taking stalkerish pictures of nuggets dressed up and toddling around and playing in the leaves.

Also, I'm really excited to finally get to decorate for Halloween!  (A dorm and an apartment don't really give you much in the way of that).  But now that I'm in the sorority house, we've got a great front porch that is just begging for some cool pumpkins.  Here are some of my favorite ideas from the interwebs.
So much spirit!!!  And a creative way to show off your house number for the mailman!
These ones are painted, but you could get fancy and carve as well - 
especially the silhouette of your state.  
(This could easily be school pride as well - just slap the logo on there!)
In this case, all that glitters is definitely gold, my friends.
Either spray paint gold or silver, or spray paint with clear sticky stuff
and roll liberally in glitter.  (Make sure you do that on some newspaper or something).
It'll be one glitzy Halloween.
Soooo trendy right now. (But actually).
Get in with the cool kids and paint your pumpkin chevron.
Hint: use masking tape for this one.
Bonus points: carving a pumpkin in a chevron pattern
(Obviously not all the way through - you just scrape it, duh).

So my love affair with monograms isn't really a secret,
but in all honestly, HOW COOL ARE THESE?
Get fancy with a stencil and a knife, or paint it in cool colors.
Nothing says this pumpkin is MINE like actually putting 
your name (or initials) on it.

Are you even trendier than chevron?
Do you have a neon Cambridge Satchel and ombre hair and
 are just generally way cooler than the rest of us?
Congrats, here are the pumpkins for you.
Use tape for the criss-cross and the dip-dyed.
Click through for instructions on the ombre pumpkins, 
because I'm too lazy to explain it here.
Proceed to bask in your own trendiness.

You can always just fuck it all and make this:

My only advice? Don't drink & carve.

15 October 2012

11 October 2012


Lesson #2 I've learned from living in a sorority house: people have really cute underwear.  Namely, my friend Gracie. Living in a house with twenty girls trying to get ready on a Friday night, you end up seeing everyone in their underwear in the awkward post-shower-but-still-haven't-figured-out-what-to-wear stage.  I'm always so envious of my friend Grace, who's standing in her room wearing cute matching bra and panties and looking so chic doing her makeup and I just want to be her.  She always looks so sophisticated - like how you're actually supposed to look in lingerie.  Her secret: buy underwear, any underwear, that matches.  It's not about anyone seeing you in said matching underwear (though I'm sure that wouldn't hurt).  It's about knowing you're wearing really cute undies, and it gives you that little extra pep in your step.

So now I'm on a matching underwear kick.  Like, actually.  I tried to convince my mom to buy me a nice set and she laughed at me over the phone and told me I'm lucky she even buys me underwear from Victoria's Secret.  Strike out.  So while that super sexy VPL set is nowhere in my near future (I had to include it in the round up just for kicks), here are a bunch of other options I've been lusting after.  Anthropologie has great sets of underwear, and I love love love the polka-dotted Honeydews that Madewell carries (number 6).

So new goal: get a cute set of matching underwear so that I too can stand around in a house full of girls in only my undies while I blow dry my hair and look damn good doing it.  I can't think of any better reason to buy cute underwear than that.  (Well, except for, you know, that other one....)  


04 October 2012


So I didn't watch the Emmy's, because I'm lame like that.  Which means I just saw this picture of Leslie Mann, and can't believe I haven't seen it floating around before now.  I'm in serious L-U-V with that dress!  The bright marigold skirt, the beaded top, and pockets - what's not to love?  The pops of turquoise in her jewelry and her cute lil bun are just like pepperoni on the pizza of awesomeness.  Serious hawt stuff. 

03 October 2012


"Happiness is only real when it's shared"

T-minus 3 days until my friend gets married!

02 October 2012


 The latest installment in the TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS series is this interview by Business of Fashion with the queen of cool herself, Tory Burch.  It's a cool look at how Tory got started, the decisions she made to start her line, and what she's involved in the day-to-day process of running Tory Burch.  Good advice for anyone starting out in business - especially those actually starting their own!   Check out some of her main points below, and be sure to click through to read the whole article here!
PLUS if you want more TB, check out her blog!

01 October 2012



Y'all, real talk right now: do you know how hard it is to function without a laptop? 
Think about it for a second.  Yes, you can email on your phone, and do some basic googling, but that's about it.  An iPhone is no substitute for a laptop.  I had to go to the library to write a one-page reading response, just because I didn't have anything else to type it on.  It was super hard to check Facebook only on the app, which was like, totes the end of my social life (but actually just another procrastination method I no longer had access to).  No TV shows, no Pinterest, no blogging, no Google Docs (which actually is my life).  It was tough, y'all.  Real tough.  
Luckily, as my boi Kanye West (and I'm sure a bunch of other people before him) said: "That (that that that) don't kill you, will only make you stronger".  The next line should have an addendum: that which doesn't kill you will make you stronger, but in the case of a broken laptop, it will also make you $300 poorer. Yikes!