29 May 2012


Shoes that I wish were in my closet this summer.  I die.

26 May 2012


Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to everyone who fights to protect our country and our freedom!

24 May 2012


After finding the link to a great article on Twitter (such a rabbit hole), I decided to start a new series here on spectacle.  As you can tell, it's called TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS and it's all about the world of business - and more specifically, women in that world.  So today I'm bringing you a neat article that Forbes did about Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx.  It features the top 10 lessons to take away from her success story.  I've include the the top 5 below, but make sure to click through to the article for all 10 tips and expanded explanations!
Find the rest HERE!
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23 May 2012


Jack Rogers are some of my favorite shoes.  I live in my gold pair from the moment it starts to get warm in the Spring until my toes start to develop frostbite in late Fall.  Needless to say, this also means I usually have to replace them every year.  I usually stick with gold, but this year I might have to branch out a bit, given that Jack Rogers is collaborating with one of my all time favorite fabric brands, Quadrille.  With two different fabric choices and multiple colors, there's an option for everyone.  Personally, I'm leaning towards the classic navy blue, but wouldn't the pink and green be such a fun summer pair?  Which one is your favorite?
all via jack rogers.

21 May 2012


I love my current weekend bag to death - it's orange and white striped with a navy "J" on the front and I never lose it in a crowd.  But it's most definitely been beat up (and overpacked) a few too many times, and it might be time to trade in for a sturdier model.  When I caught sight of this sailcloth duffle from J. McLaughlin, I fell in love.  A classic shape with crisp lines never goes out of style, and neither does navy, white, and leather.  The fact that it's made of sailcloth not only appeals to the sailor in me, but also means that it's pretty durable.  And of course, the monogram is only the cherry on top!  Looks like I might need to buy myself an early birthday present.... 

19 May 2012


Happy weekend! Hope yours is filled with sunshine & good times!

17 May 2012


I'm head over heels in love with the outfit in the editorial above - it seems so perfect and summertime easy.  Not to mention that hair. I'd kill for mine to look like that.  Anyway, if you, like me, can't afford to drop hundreds of dolla bills on that exact outfit, here are a few lower priced options to recreate this breezy look (perfect beach hair not included).

image via pinterest.

16 May 2012


first four images via here; last two via here.

The 1920's has always been my favorite era. (A flapper is my go-to Halloween costume, of course). I'm drawn in by the glitz and the glam, by the idea Gatsby-esque parties and bathtub gin and short fringed skirts and bright red lipstick.  It seems so fun and glamourous but it's also got that sense of independence and adventure that I love.  So naturally, when I came across both of these editorials in my two favorite magazines, I had to share.  The first is Teen Vogue (yes, it's still a favorite), and if the feathers and velvet aren't enough to draw you in, then perhaps Josh Hutcherson in a bowtie is (major swoon).  And then in Nylon, Victoria Justice literally sparkles.  It's enough to make any girl wish for a time machine.

12 May 2012


all image via juicy couture.

I was in middle school during the whole Juicy Couture heyday.  I remember I begged and pleaded and stomped my feet to try and get my mother to buy me a Juicy tracksuit, but she put her foot down.  (Looking back, I'm thankful - a velour tracksuit? Rhinestones? Words across the butt? Really?)  At one point, I saved up enough to by myself an on-sale, last season jacket in a deep cranberry color, and I wore it to death.  But then I outgrew it, and by then, the Juicy phase was over and I moved on with my life.

And then today, while shopping for a Mother's day present, I paused by a window so cute and colorful I just had to go inside.  And what store, you might ask, had captured my attention so?  None other than the JC itself.  I haven't set foot in the store in the five-odd years it's been at the mall until today, but boy am I glad that I did.  Neon and metallic shorts, lace dresses, Trina Turk-esque shift dresses, and neon and rhinestone jewelry - what more could a girl want?  They still sell the tracksuit, so steer clear of those, but they've got some seriously cute stuff as well.  And don't worry - all the dresses still come with that cute little j-shaped zipper you loved back in middle school!


quote by steve jobs.
image via pinterest.

11 May 2012


An easy, breezy summertime look.
image via pinterest
shirt / belt / bag / shorts

08 May 2012


FREE AT LAST!  But seriously.  Turned my last exam in, packed up and moved out of my apartment, and hopped on the first flight out west.  It's a bit surreal, transitioning from sitting in the library to sitting in your bedroom at home, but I couldn't be happier.  I can't wait to pick up a new stack of books at the library, go to all my favorite hometown restaurants, and drive to the beach with all the windows down and my summer playlist blaring!
image via pinterest.

03 May 2012


That's right, folks - it's exam week.  As of today (well, technically, as of yesterday) I will be locking myself in the library with a full day's supply of diet cokes, multiple colored markers, and a whole lot of flashcards and study guides.  After I make sure I don't fail out of college I'll be back and posting on the reg!  Wish me luck!