28 June 2013


Hey, hey. What I've been clicking on this week:

01. Who What Wear - 10 Need-To-Know Tips for Getting Your Fashion Dream Job: Some tips and tricks to "break into the fashion industry". Lame phrase, but really - work hard and have a good attitude and always write a nice thank you note. #internlife

02. Vogue - Wedding Guide: Where has this been all my life? Love their breakdown by different categories. I wish there were more to flip through and daydream about. #swoon

02. Levo League - How to Become that Girl you Always Wanted to Be: Comparison is the thief of joy and all that. Great article on how to channel all that girl-crush-envy into making yourself girl-crushable. Step one: get a juicer. (Just kidding.)

03. The Spectacular Now Trailer: All of the interns in my office are obsessing over this. It's cute and romantic and funny (all the things I like best in a movie) without being cheesy or cliche. Also - it got rave reviews at Sundance so it must be good, right guys?????

04. Guest of a Guest - The 10 Best Midtown Bars to Unwind after Work: Because HAPPY HOUR is my new jam. Sometimes the week is just too long.  Though right now in my life, I prefer places with $1 beer nights than "good atmosphere". #internlifeagain

05. Leaked New Beyonce Song: Put it on, turn it up, and pour yourself a drink - it's FRIDAY!!!


In honor of Wimbledon, it's time to break out your tennis whites.  Perfect for easy, breezy summer days, rock an LWD to work or pair a kicky white skirt with a matching top for weekend fun.  Punch it up with colorful accessories (bonus points if it's a cute tennis themed tote, ala Kate Spade) or go the extra mile and add white tennies.  You might not look like Pippa Middleton, but you will look like you just stepped off Centre Court. (Athleticism optional.)


27 June 2013


For every pristine white kitchen that I pin, I pin just as many rooms with crazy wallpaper and shockingly-colored furniture. After all, too much of a good thing (color + pattern) can be truly wonderful!


25 June 2013


Have y'all seen the Google Doodle today? It's a S/O to my man, Gaudi.  If you don't know, Gaudi is a famous Catalan architect (Catalonia is a region in Spain, most notably where Barcelona is).  So if you ever go to Barcelona, you learn all about him. If you ever study abroad in Barcelona for 3 months, you learn all about him and see all his sights. And if you study abroad for 3 months in Barcelona and take a class on Barcelona architecture, you literally can't go five minutes without hearing about Gaudi. 

He does have some pretty cool stuff, though.  Sagrada Familia is the most famous - the gigantic church/UNESCO World Heritage site that was started in the 1920's and has an estimated completion date of 2026 (you can see some scaffolding in the above pic). There's also the trippy Park Guell, with beautiful views of the city, and his two more famous apartment buildings, where people used to live with his twisted sculptures and wavy lines, Casa Mila and Casa Batllo.  

So on what would have been his 161th birthday - if he hadn't gotten run over by a tram (no joke!!) - feliz cumpleanos Gaudi!

fotografias by this chica.


What's in my virtual shopping cart right now:

01. REBECCA TAYLOR SHORTS: Ikat, polka dots, silk, shorts, black & white - so many things to love! Also, lovin' how Liz of Sequins & Stripes styled 'em here.
02. VINCE BLAZER: True confession - one of the other interns at my office has this. I didn't even know who made it; I just saw her wearing it one day and was like BAM! That is the perfectly casual drapey black blazer I've been looking for! Then I creeped on the tag when she hung it on the back of her chair and saw that it was Vince and almost $500 and went home and cried. (It's actually 50% off at Shopbop right now, so if you're the type of person that thinks $242.50 is spare change, be my guest.)
03. SHE INSIDE LACE TOP: Okay, so this is actually realistic. I've been looking for a good white lace top and saw this one on Pinterest. Yes, technically, it's apricot, but for twenty bucks I feel like I could "accidentally" throw it in with a bit of bleach??
04. MARYSIA SWIM HONOLULU BIKINI: I've been lusting after this since I saw it on Molly over at A Piece of Toast. The strapless style is my go-to, and the zig-zag cut adds a little something special. (And also probably really weird tan lines).
05. SPLENDID DRAPED TOP: Another thing that's perpetually on my wishlist: the perfect draped gray shirt. A little bit of dolman sleeve, a loose and long torso, and soft as a baby's butt - this Splendid tee fits the bill. Again, $74 is a bit out of my budget for a t-shirt, but when you spend so long looking for the perfect something, it's hard to resist when you actually find it. You never know - I do have a birthday coming up after all....
06. RACHEL ZOE GLADYS SANDAL: Confession: also saw this shoe on my fellow intern Erin. (She has the best clothes!!)  She has them in tan, but I immediately asked where she bought them and if they have them in black. I currently don't have a good pair of sandals to wear to work (my beat-up gold Jack Rogers aren't really an option...) and considering it's hot as hell in NYC right now, my feet are sweating just thinking about shoving them into flats all day.  This is exactly what I've been looking for: black, ankle strap, a bit of gold detail, and simple. Another thing to add to the birthday list....

*SIGH* What I wouldn't give for some extra cash money right now, kids.

24 June 2013


This is my current on-repeat, can't-get-it-out-of-my-head jam. I've read about the three sisters of HAIM before, but for some reason I'm just now getting around to listening to them and I wish I had sooner. This song is so catchy - just try to get the chorus out of your head.  Also, what great lyrics.  That might be my new mantra: And if it gets rough, it's time to get rough. If this song isn't already on your iPod, put it on right now - you won't regret it.


get doin'.
one + two

20 June 2013


After rain for days, the sun came out to play today, and it's times like these (rooftops, sunsets, mojitos, and best friends) that make this the city that dreams and best-selling novels and Jay-Z multiplatinum raps are made of. #lifeisgood #nyc

19 June 2013


You guys. I want EVERYTHING.
My bedding at school is yellow and gray, so I think some of those yellow/gray throw pillows might have to make their way to my home. It's fate.  Anyway, get ye to a J.C. Penney STAT and scoop up some of this bright happy chic goodness before it's all gone!

via jc penney

18 June 2013


I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I really love to read.  I mean, really. As in, when I was a kid, if my brother or I got into trouble, our punishment would be for our mom to take our book away.  At the time, getting a book - especially one where you were just getting to the good part - ripped out of your hands mid-chapter was the absolute worst punishment EVER. It's only now, especially when it comes up in conversation with friends, that I realize how abnormal it is.

While I don't get to read as much as I used to, I'm still probably one of the only college student/PR intern/sorority girls who uses her library card regularly. Whenever I'm home during the summer, I head over and get a big stack of books - that way I always have something to ready by the pool, at the beach, in the backyard, at night when there's no good TV shows on, etc.

Obviously I'm not at home right now, and with work I don't have as much time to read, but I've still got a mile long wish list of books I'd love to crack open some time this summer. It's got a bit of everything -  hot new books, the "next-Harry-Potter/Hunger-Games", girly chick lit for the beach, stories, novels, etc. After all those years of mandatory summer reading of books you hated, it's nice to finally be able to make my own summer reading list - and definitely much more enjoyable to work my way through it!

And if you have any recommendations, comment!

01.  THE BONE SEASON - samantha shannon
02. CRAZY RICH ASIANS - kevin kwan
03. THE SUITORS - cecile david-weill
05. A HUNDRED SUMMERS - beatriz williams
06. THE INTERESTINGS - meg wolitzer
07. ALL THE SUMMER GIRLS - meg donohue
08. WEDDING NIGHT - sophie kinsella
09. THE SILVER STAR - jeannette walls
10. DARE ME - megan abbott
11. THE ENGAGEMENTS - j. courtney sullivan
12. LADIES NIGHT - mary kay andrews
14. QUEEN OF THE TURTLE DERBY - julia reed
15. REVENGE WEARS PRADA - lauren weisberger
16. THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER - junot diaz

12 June 2013


So unless you live under a rock or still have a cell phone that flips open, you've probably heard of Apple's announcement of a new iPhone operating system - iOS7.  It does a host of stuff that is going to be really cool, including but not limited to a better weather app (FINALLY! That app is my life and it's so not easy to use), multitasking capability, and iTunes Radio!!

On top of that, however, iOS7 is really really really really ridiculously good-looking.  It was designed by this dude by the name of Jony Ive, who people are hailing as an a design genius. You can read more about Ive's design and his idea of "bringing order to the complexity" all over the web, including on Apple's own page for iOS7.  It definitely is simpler - flatter, without those annoying lens-flary things.  The background is lame, but obviously you'd change that.  

I personally like the design, but many people disagree - talking about everything from his use of such simple flat shapes to gradients.  And, of course, there's already a hilarious tumblr out that capitalizes on the big news, called Jony Ives Redesigns Things. Beware: excessive gradients ahead!

Jony Ives redesigns the one dollar bill, via tumblr.

11 June 2013


Just in time for festival season to get into full swing comes this look from Governor's Ball this past weekend.  While I was sadly not in attendance myself, it seemed like a lot of cool, well-dressed girls were - this one being no exception.  Your own easy breezy festival formula: wear a men's shirt for a boxier fit, tie it up, and throw on a pair of leopard-print shorts and cool sunnies and call it a day.  (If it rained all day Friday like it did here in New York, add wellies).  If you didn't get a chance to go to Gov Ball, put on this must-hear playlist from Teen Vogue and pretend you're there!

photo via vogue

10 June 2013


My friends & I have decided this is the summer of yes.  We're all in the city, with so many things to do and take advantage of, and it's summer and we're young and we're feeling pretty on top of the world right now, and we're going to run with it while we've got it and say yes to everything we can.

07 June 2013


So much to read, so little time! Here are some goodies that caught my eye on the web this week.

01. SHORT STACK: a kickstarter project to create handmade cookbooklets - small-format cookbooks that focus on a single, inspiring ingredient, with recipes culled by an awesome tastemasters and food writers.

02. HIGHBROW SUMMER READS: a list complied by flavorwire of some good summer reads, both in quality and plot. can't wait to add some to my summer reading list!

03. LOEFFLER RANDALL'S PRE-FALL ACCESSORIES: beautifully crafted shoes and bags for all the cool cats out there. my favs are the lock clutch and the damaris platform sandal.

04. ONLINE TOOLS FOR AN ORGANIZED LIFE: laicie of one thousand threads' tips for online sites and apps to help keep your life O.T.O.T. (on time, on target). i'll be downloading some of these for sure!

05. WHAT, WHY, AND HOW TO STYLE HAIR: into the gloss kills it with this feature that demystfies the hair product aisle in sephora.  what's the difference between wax and pomade? which should you use? when should you use it? all that and some quirky illustrations to boot - a must bookmark.

05 June 2013


Just a day in the life, ya dig?

01. The view of the early morning sun over the East River on my run this morning.  
(Yes, I dragged myself out of a bed at 6 am to go on a quick 25 minute run.  
Still not sure where the willpower came from. Will now accept applause, and extra servings of dessert.)

02. My new jeans, thanks to the Current/Elliot sample sale.  
These are more coral-ly in person (Instagram filter changed it a bit), but they're simple and skinny and summery 
- and marked down to $40! Booyah!

03. Today's (Wednesday) NY Times' crossword puzzle, all filled out 
(with only a minimal amount of cheating...)

all photos via yours truly and my handy dandy iphone.


It's the second round of WEDDING WEEK over at The Everygirl, and they've got great features for the soon-to-be-married (or the plan-it-way-way-WAY-in-advance person like me).  There's everything from how to DIY the Mason jar chandelier you see above to how to build a smart marriage - that's marriage, not just a wedding.  Definitely worth a look!

04 June 2013


If you didn't have a chance to make it to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic yesterday, don't worry - neither did I.  Though champagne, sundresses, men-who-ride-horses are right up my alley. (Not to mention host Matthew McConaughey). Unfortunately, tickets to polo matches and overflowing glasses of Veuve aren't in the budget, so even though the event was so close I would taste the bubbly, I too am content to stare at pictures online.

What I should have done instead was host my own little Clicquot Classic - with a lot less polo and a whole lot more champagne.  Next time, I'm making these: champagne (or prosecco) with popsicles - perfect for a hot summer's day.  (Giant sunhat optional).