25 June 2013


What's in my virtual shopping cart right now:

01. REBECCA TAYLOR SHORTS: Ikat, polka dots, silk, shorts, black & white - so many things to love! Also, lovin' how Liz of Sequins & Stripes styled 'em here.
02. VINCE BLAZER: True confession - one of the other interns at my office has this. I didn't even know who made it; I just saw her wearing it one day and was like BAM! That is the perfectly casual drapey black blazer I've been looking for! Then I creeped on the tag when she hung it on the back of her chair and saw that it was Vince and almost $500 and went home and cried. (It's actually 50% off at Shopbop right now, so if you're the type of person that thinks $242.50 is spare change, be my guest.)
03. SHE INSIDE LACE TOP: Okay, so this is actually realistic. I've been looking for a good white lace top and saw this one on Pinterest. Yes, technically, it's apricot, but for twenty bucks I feel like I could "accidentally" throw it in with a bit of bleach??
04. MARYSIA SWIM HONOLULU BIKINI: I've been lusting after this since I saw it on Molly over at A Piece of Toast. The strapless style is my go-to, and the zig-zag cut adds a little something special. (And also probably really weird tan lines).
05. SPLENDID DRAPED TOP: Another thing that's perpetually on my wishlist: the perfect draped gray shirt. A little bit of dolman sleeve, a loose and long torso, and soft as a baby's butt - this Splendid tee fits the bill. Again, $74 is a bit out of my budget for a t-shirt, but when you spend so long looking for the perfect something, it's hard to resist when you actually find it. You never know - I do have a birthday coming up after all....
06. RACHEL ZOE GLADYS SANDAL: Confession: also saw this shoe on my fellow intern Erin. (She has the best clothes!!)  She has them in tan, but I immediately asked where she bought them and if they have them in black. I currently don't have a good pair of sandals to wear to work (my beat-up gold Jack Rogers aren't really an option...) and considering it's hot as hell in NYC right now, my feet are sweating just thinking about shoving them into flats all day.  This is exactly what I've been looking for: black, ankle strap, a bit of gold detail, and simple. Another thing to add to the birthday list....

*SIGH* What I wouldn't give for some extra cash money right now, kids.

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