12 June 2013


So unless you live under a rock or still have a cell phone that flips open, you've probably heard of Apple's announcement of a new iPhone operating system - iOS7.  It does a host of stuff that is going to be really cool, including but not limited to a better weather app (FINALLY! That app is my life and it's so not easy to use), multitasking capability, and iTunes Radio!!

On top of that, however, iOS7 is really really really really ridiculously good-looking.  It was designed by this dude by the name of Jony Ive, who people are hailing as an a design genius. You can read more about Ive's design and his idea of "bringing order to the complexity" all over the web, including on Apple's own page for iOS7.  It definitely is simpler - flatter, without those annoying lens-flary things.  The background is lame, but obviously you'd change that.  

I personally like the design, but many people disagree - talking about everything from his use of such simple flat shapes to gradients.  And, of course, there's already a hilarious tumblr out that capitalizes on the big news, called Jony Ives Redesigns Things. Beware: excessive gradients ahead!

Jony Ives redesigns the one dollar bill, via tumblr.

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