18 September 2012


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So, in a fit of pre-am klutziness, I splashed some coffee on my laptop. Consequentially, most of the keys on the right side of my keyboard don't work. Brilliant, right?  It takes me so long to type a sentence copying and pasting lettersSo expect some silence on my end while I take my computer into the shop and pray that it gets fixed ASAP (for as cheap as possible) Fingers crossed!

16 September 2012


....just two days late, y'all.  My B.

13 September 2012



I'm a big Avett Brothers fan.  I love anything with a twang to it, and the Avett Brother's bluegrass roots and beautiful lyrics send me into a tailspin.  I've only listened to this album a few times, but it's already a new favorite.  And the fact that they're coming into town later fall so I'll be able to see them perform this live? Icing on the cake.
FAV TRACK: "The Once and Future Carpenter"
rolling stone: the carpenter


 Like, omigawd, you're in college? 
Do you, like, luurrveee Dave Matthews?  
Answer: yes and yes (though my favorite song is not Satellite, so I'm only slightly cliche).
  DMB is the quintessential college jam band.  They reunite with their old produce Lillywhite on this album, harkening back to some of his 90's sounds.  Definitely more a jazzy jam than a rocky jam, which I'm digging.  It's the Dave we all know and love, no matter when we graduate(d).
FAV TRACK: tie between "Broken Things" and "Sweet" so far.
rolling stone: away from it all

In a classic SAT-style "which one doesn't belong" question, this album would be the correct choice.  To be honest, I wasn't that big of an xx fan until I saw them live, which seems completely contradictory.  But there's something about the beauty in the simplicity, the haunting vocals and the sparse lyrics.  (Also, it's great music to study to).
FAV TRACK: "Angels"
rolling stone: coexist

11 September 2012


I have a good friend who has great, classic style, and we always joke about how at least two-thirds of her closet is navy blue.  She always wears it.  Now while navy is my favorite neutral, I like to think of it as a jumping off point for brighter and happier colors.  One of my favorite combos is pink and orange.  It reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer and the beach and sunshine and lemonade and bright, happy things like that.  When I stumbled across the white bedroom above with pops of pink and orange, I was immediately smitten.  Get the look with these picks below!

inspiration via.
clockwise ONE / TWO / THREE / FOUR / FIVE / SIX / SEVEN

05 September 2012


One of my friends is getting married this October.

One of my best friends, actually, who I've known since 2nd grade.  Her family is like my family; we've done Christmas Eve and Easter Brunch and ski trips together forever. We've gone to the same school our entire lives - elementary school, middle, high school, and now college.  Once we got to college, we kind of went our separate ways.  It's a big school, and we got involved in different things.  We would meet up every once and awhile on Grounds to catch up, and we always hung out when we were at home, but things become different.  We weren't as close as before. And now she's getting married.

I'm a junior in college.  She's a junior in college.  Twenty.  Two-zero.  As in, technically not legally allowed to drink champagne at her own wedding reception.  Kind of crazy, huh?  For me, it's less of the fact that she's getting married (the guy is great, and she's always been kind of a homebody), but more of the fact that someone my age is mature and adult and responsible enough to A) make the decision about who they're going to spend the rest of their life with and B) settle down.

Really, it just makes me look at my own life and realize how much I don't have my shit together. As in, I wouldn't even want to marry myself right now.  So it's definitely a weird idea to reconcile.  I will say this: my friend might have her life in order, but when it came down to the actual wedding itself, she had no idea what to do.  I like to think I'm the completely opposite.  The thought of me getting married at this point in my life is absolutely laughable, but if, for some strange reason, the situation were to arise, I would be able to plan my wedding in a heartbeat. (Thank you, Pinterest).

She's getting married on a farm here in Virginia, which I'm sure will be absolutely beautiful.  I can only hope that she'll wear cowboy boots with her dress like this cute couple did.  And even though I'm a hot mess now, hopefully one day (far in the future) I'll pull myself together enough that someone will want to marry me.  And when that happens, I'll already have the whole thing planned out.

03 September 2012


author: jimena canales
designer: isaac tobin

I love the simplicity and repetition of this cover.  Plus, the pop of pink from the text is a nice touch.  This cover first caught my eye because I just learned about this set of photos by Eadward Muybridge in one of my classes.  Guess history is useful after all!

author: timeri n. murari
via amazon.

Great book about a female journalist living in Afghanistan, facing oppression from the government while trying to help her family at the same time. The government hosts a cricket tournament, trying to create some good PR with its neighboring countries, and the winners get to go to Pakistan.  Against a backdrop of cricket and the realities that many women face in Afghanistan, Murari writes a story about independence, family, freedom, and love.



Sorry I've been so MIA lately!  The first week of school is always a bit crazy, between starting classes and getting homework done and running last minute errands and seeing all your friends and having all your clubs and organizations start up again.  I feel like I haven't quite had the chance to catch my breath yet.  But like the quote above says, I've definitely been all there for every second of it.  Hopefully now that things are settling into a routine I'll be back here more often!