17 August 2013


Thanks for the early mornings and the late nights, the crowded streets, the taxis honking, the aggressive walking, the crazy people, the rude people, the umbrellas, the smell of trash in the summer, the subway and its code, Hop Stop, long walks, city blocks, a gridded street system, food stands and food trucks, fifteen dollar cocktails, one dollar beers, rooftops of any kind, the East River, the Hudson River, being an island, even though you don't seem like it, Uber, LaGuardia, the annoying TVs in the bad of cabs, but being able to pay with a credit card no matter what, bar tab minimums, lines, lines, and more lines, your museums, especially MoMA, your cupcakes, especially Baked by Melissa and Magnolia, your stores, Fifth Ave, Park Ave, Madison Ave, SoHo, LES, East Village, West Village, Meatpacking, people skinnier, prettier, and better dressed and people fatter, uglier, and more poorly dressed, uptown, downtown, people who will give you directions, people that don't speak English, Google Maps, cronuts, Pret, Guy & Gallard, your parks, Central Park, Bryant Park, the East River Park, the Shake Shack, Katz's, bagels and coffee, the lights at night, the packed streets at 3 am, Broadway shows, 7th Ave, famous people and regular people and people all just trying to make it, sunrises and sunsets, more rooftops, getting losts, nights out until 5 am, concerts in parks, baseball games, seeming like a real New Yorker, the difficulty of doing anything, getting groceries, shipping a box, going to BB&B, not having a Target, but having Union Market aka the best thing ever, drinking on boats and in parks and on rooftops - yours or someone else's - and even in hot tubs, and for all of the hustle and bustle and grit and magic that make up this city.

So just like dear Frankie said,
here's to you, New York, New York!

16 August 2013


Lots of fun links that I'm loving this week, from party ideas to pick up lines to debates on education and women in the workforce. Read & enjoy & bake some yummy cookies - it's the weekend!

01. The Awkward Years Project: A submission-based tumblr that shows people now versus what they looked like in their "awkward years".  I have flashbacks to my own middle school days - braces, no makeup, and the inability to properly smile in school picutres....yikes!

02. Why Oh Why is the Birkenstock Back?: Jess Graves of the Love List says what a lot of us are thinking - Birkenstocks? WTF? I don't care if Vogue and Leandra have ok'd it, Birkenstocks are not a good look.

03. DIY Big Fringe Garland: I stumbled across this tutorial on Oh Happy Day, and think I might have to try it out for my friend's upcoming birthday. We've having people over to our new house at school the first weekend back, so I know it won't be decorated at all. I'm thinking that this easy-to-make, colorful space-filler-upper will make the room look more festive!

04. Best Apps for Design and Living: Alright, so considering I don't actually own my own home (not even an apartment, really), most of these are pretty useless to me now. But Domaine's round-up is great, and if you're doing anything with your home, from picking out paint colors to measuring windows, there's probably an app on this list to make your life easier.

05. 7 Best F. Scott Fitzgerlad Pick-Up Lines You Should Be Aware Of: Gents, for the next time you find yourself at the bar with the pretty lady  - learn from the master.

06. Six College Courses that Help Grads Land Jobs: My Dad actually sent me this one. All I can say is thank goodness I'm an Econ major. Though I'm definitely considering adding a writing class or a leadership-based course to my schedule this coming year...

07. SMP Sprinkles Shower: The cutest sprinkles-themed shower over on Style Me Pretty - pun intended! There's umbrellas, silver "rain" streamers, and blue drinks, and also donuts, marshmallows, and rice krispie treats all getting the rainbow treatment with a different kind of sprinkle. Too cute!

08. Are We Really Screwed If We Leave Work to Have Babies?: An interesting article on Refinery 29 in response to the NY Times article "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In", discussing whether or not women who "opted out" of work to raise their children are now regretting that decision or not.  I'm loving all the debate about this topic right now, as a soon-to-be young working women, though I can't help but feel that one of the women they interviewed summed it up best:
"The conclusion that I’m coming to with the whole Sheryl SandbergAnne Marie Slaughter / "Can Women Really Have It All’ debate really comes down, once again, to the wise words of Cher Horowitz: It’s a personal choice that every woman has got to make for herself."
Any article that quotes Clueless is a must read in my book!

15 August 2013


Y'all, I feel like it was just yesterday I was posting about coming to New York for the summer and what I wore on my first day at my internship.  And yet, here we are, August 15th, and my official last day of work.  This summer has gone by so fast.

I'm so thankful to have had such a cool fashion PR job, to work with great girls ( interns and actual employees), and to get to experience some of the magic that goes in to the fashion industry.  I will say that it wasn't glamourous. Some days it was long hours doing stupid stuff, some days you sat there doing nothing, some days I wanted to kill somebody, and some days I felt like I was literally tossing my education out the window because you needed maybe all of two brain cells to do what I did. But I will say that I'm so grateful for the people I met and the experience it gave me - and of course, spending summer in New York City with my friends.

I'm not positive I want to do fashion PR (or at least in house) and I'm not positive I want to live in NYC after graduation. If anything, this summer has raised more questions than it has answered. But is has been an experience, and I'm so grateful I got the chance to take it - to work in fashion, to have an internship, to meet new people, to live in the city, and to take it all in.

It's been a wild ride, y'all!

14 August 2013


Enjoy these last precious weeks of summertime!

13 August 2013


forever 21 dress / club monaco top / madewell skinny skinny ankle jeans / madewell chambray dress / madewell drape pocket t / club monaco dress / madewell boho top / madewell necklace / madewell gallerist dress / madewell sleeveless chambray shirt / club monaco dress / mango gold cuff /  madewell silk shirt / club monaco t-shirt / mango booties / topshop dress / club monaco dress / forever 21 shirt / forever 21 skirt

This past Saturday, I spent some time on a cloudy New York day to wander around SoHo, planning to pop into a few shops that we don't have at home (like Uniqlo + Topshop) to check them out before I leave next weekend.  Of course, I ended up "popping in" to a whole bunch of other stores - though I did refrain from even trying things on, considering I know I'll be right back in them on the other side on the country at some point next week.  However, I made note of lots of lovely lovely things that I want in my closet for this upcoming fall.  I'm thinking shift dresses, black and white, soft t-shirts, army green, chambray, boho dresses, fit+flare skirts, and graphic gold jewelry. 
Can't wait to go home and do some serious damage!!

P.S. I've been on the hunt for long time for a good knockoff Isbael Marant-style bootie that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and doesn't make me look like I have cankles (easier said than done - my ankles are not naturally slim).  These Mango booties, with their perfectly taupey suede, the slight stacked wood heel, and the perfect dip in the front that flatters the less-than-slim ankles, might be exactly what I've been looking for all my life. (AKA the last two seasons).

12 August 2013


Just some music videos to enjoy on your Monday. 
First up, Jay Z's "Picasso Baby" performance art piece. So sad I was at work while they filmed this - I would have killed to be there! Very cool to watch him interact with the crowd. Also, props for being able to rap for ten hours straight, the same song over and over again, while people like Jemima Kirke are jumping on your back.

Next up: Mumford and Sons' newest video for their song "Hopeless Wanderer". An excellent song, excellent parody, and an excellent cast. Always nice to see bands that can poke fun at themselves. Also features excellent banjo-playing and more excellent facial hair. Excellent.



Today is the first day of the last week of my internship!  
Pretty much all my friends have left the city, and my Facebook feed is being inundated with pictures of people at the beach, but I'm determined not to phone it in - I'm going to work hard and be kind and have an amazing last week before I head home for the summer!

07 August 2013


It's almost the end of August, which means one thing: back-to-school shopping. Technically, this is my last year to actually go back-to-school shopping (unless I make good on my threat to my dad and decide to go to grad school for something random...), so I'm going big.  

Loving these looks from J.Crew's new arrivals - stripes with printed pants, fancy chambray, graphic tees + graphic sweaters, and a pajama-inpsired top! I was going to do a round-up of everything I wanted....but it ended up being too many things. Whoops!  If you're headed back-to-school shopping like me (or like to pretend to), make sure you hit up J.Crew for some fall goodies!!



Stumbled across this article over on Forbes, and as a current twenty-something, found it super interesting.  This summer - living in New York, having an internship, about to start my senior year of college - has really gotten me thinking more about the future. My friends and I have had some pretty deep discussion about what we want to do with our lives and where we want to be (alright - more like how we don't know what we want to do with our lives and where we want to be).  This article has some great advice from a successful thirty-something about how to not suck it up in your twenties, because it is an defining part of your life (this book is on my reading list). One of his pieces of advice is to read more books and less tweets, and though this is just an article and not a book, I think that it's a good start!

06 August 2013


Happy 85th birthday, Andy Warhol!
Celebrate with some of his most iconic quotes - on pencils with multicolored erasers, of course.

05 August 2013


Happy 10th anniversary to everyone's favorite show! Truthfully, I didn't watch it when it first came out, but years of sleepovers and marathons and DVD sets later, I've seen it all and I've seen it many times.  So here's to Seth & Summer & Marisa & Ryan, a great theme song, and the show that put my home county on the map, prompting years of stupid questions about whether or not I know Marisa Cooper. (Hint: she's a fictional character.) 

image via.


Some tunes for your monday - now get up and dance around and go make something happen!

02 August 2013


01. Margarita Body Scrub - get softer skin with a scrub based off of a margarita! (Chips and salsa optional).

02. Current / Elliott for PB Teen - get stoked - cool girls Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are going to design a range for PB Teen.

03. Olive and Piper Statement Necklace - major bling for not-so-major buck.

04. "Girl, Be Nice" - a great discussion going on about the pros and cons of "nice girls".  Based off of the original article by Catherine Newman on the NY Times parenting blog.  Some food for thought!

05. We Can't Stop Jane Doze Remix - some party tunes for some party people.


01 August 2013


Ohmygod I'm drooling. Can't decide with one of these delicious little treats I want to eat more, so I might just have to whip up both and do my own taste tast. 
Seriously, y'all, I think Pinterest is bad for my health - literally. #obese

one + two

30 July 2013


I'm assuming y'all have heard of a little site called Who, What, WearAnyway, after having a beauty spin-off with its own dedicated email for awhile now, just today they launched a whole new beauty-focused site called BYRDIE.  The site - and the daily email - has everything you ever wanted to know and more about the latest in hair, makeup, skin, etc. products and styles and things I don't even know about yet.  I highly recommend signing up for it, even if you're like me and don't even know how to work your curling iron, much less create perfect mermaid waves in less than ten minutes.

And even better, as I clicked though to the site today I saw their post on Carven's new perfume.  Remember this post about the weekend my parents and I visited Paris while I was abroad? And how I stopped into Colette and they had this lovely little perfume on display, in such a chic bottle and with such a florally, decidedly French scent that I picked it up as my Paris souvenir of choice?

Well, lo and behold, it was this same Carven perfume. So imagine my surprise when I was reading on Byrdie that it was going to be available this month. But wait! I thought. I bought this months ago.  Yes, I did - in Paris, where it was apparently launched before it was in the U.S.  

Sometimes I'm so cool it hurts.

Anyway, besides me being all Parisian and ahead of the times, this perfume is lovely and floral and light and girly and French, and I highly second Byrdie's recommendation. And even if you don't snatch it up now, definitely sign up for Byrdie's emails - how else will you discover you've been wearing a cool new French perfume before anyone else?

both images via byrdie.

29 July 2013


My sentiments regarding this blog. 
Look out for some good posts this week - I'm back in action! 
(at least for the moment...)

25 July 2013


How do y'all handle this? Yesterday was the only day this week I was home before 11, and I used it to write a post and catch up on  a TV show. And now it's Thursday night, and I find myself home past 11 again.  So many things to do, so little time. How do y'all balance it all? Between working a nine to "five" (more like six thirty at the earliest) and trying to juggle both a routine and a social life?  WAHHHHH this all makes me want to go back to college with only two classes a day and ample time for sitting around drinking beer on a front porch. 

Lesson of the week: Real life mostly sucks, and if it doesn't suck, it's really busy.

image via. whining via me. but mostly i'm just being dramatic. i'm so thankful, i swear. 


Don't y'all just love this room? A light-filled space with the bright colors and clean lines - it's right up my alley! It's super girly, sure, but honestly, when else are you going to be able to decorate a room in corals and pinks and oranges and turquoises than when you're a twenty-something girl living by yourself? (Or with a roommate, natch.) Love the bright colors and the graphic prints and how all the white keeps it from being too overwhelming.  If I could redo my room, this color scheme would def be a top contender.  
Here are my picks to recreate the look!

 inspiration via.


23 July 2013


AH! That's what I feel like right now. Haven't had a free night since last Wednesday - birthday celebrations and my mom in town and dinner and drinks and brunch and bars and Broadway shows and baseball games and plans with old friends and new friends and shopping and sunshine and rain and work and all the things that make New York in the summer so fun - and so exhausting. Currently trying to pull my life back together / get back on track.  Hopefully will be back to regularly scheduled posting - more pretty pictures and some updates about my life - SOON!

17 July 2013


Just some pretty petite pouches I've pinned (try saying that five times fast!)
Perfect for corralling smaller objects in a huge tote or a beach bag,
 or just to grab and go on their own for dinner or drinks!


15 July 2013


There's this girl in our office, Claire, who I have the biggest girl crush on. She has the best clothes and always looks so freaking cool. She's also tall and blonde and gorgeous, of course, but really she just always looks so great and I immediately want to wear exactly what she's wearing. (In a completely non-creepy way, of course.)

Anyway, she wore this outfit to work on a recent Friday (aka casual Friday aka you can get away with wearing jeans), and I loved it because it was so simple and looked so chic.  The denim vest offset the white-on-white, while the silver heels and statement necklace dressed it up enough for the office. She accessorized with a messy pony and bright lipstick, and I had to wipe the drool off my chin. (JK, dudes.) In my book, it's a perfect summer Friday work look.

12 July 2013


Friends, Romans, countrymen - have a great weekend.
 Eat lots of chocolate and drink lots of wine and spend lots of time with good people and sleep in late and just own it.

11 July 2013


classic summer sandals.

pretty chandy + painted ceiling.

lace pants.

major girl crush.

colored pencils + a jar full of ribbons.

a room overflowing with flowers.

cuffed + clutched.

Posting from the laundromat while waiting for my spin cycle to finish, and then off to dinner for a friends birthday! #mutlitaskingmaster #citythatneversleeps

These pretty things + more over on my tumblr!

10 July 2013


Nothing like staring at cocktails on Pinterest to get you in the mood for Wednesday after-work drinks.
(After all, three days of work in a row is an accomplishment - you've gotta reward yourself!)

09 July 2013


After a quick jaunt down to the great state of North Carolina for the long weekend, I've returned to New York rested, sunburnt, and in dire need of a new weekender bag.  I've had a fantastic orange and white striped one from Bella Bags (similar to this one!) since freshman year of college, but after lugging it across the country multiple times a year - not to mention dragging it around Europe for a semester - it's a little worse from the wear (actual rips in the plastic that you can see through and handles that are slowly becoming detached...)

I've been leaning towards the J.McLaughlin sailcloth one forever just because it's classic and durable (and can be monogrammed, of course).  (I actually first posted it about it here, where I'm lamenting the same thing. Good to see my little orange-and-white stripey lasted another year!) But now I'm thinking that white might not be the best idea for lugging something through dirty airports and train stations and whatever other forms of public transportation I endure.  So I figured I'd do a little online shopping and round up the best ones. Now the only problem is to choose....hopefully in time for my next trip!

08 July 2013


Sometimes, the future freaks me out. 
Sometimes, even questions about the future freak me out.
Sometimes, growing up sucks.

03 July 2013


This time tomorrow, I'll be heading for the runway at the tiny airport near our beach house in North Carolina, ready to touch down for a weekend of family, sunshine, craziness, and of course, food.  We do a traditional cookout on the Fourth - cheeseburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, and corn on the cob.  I personally think there's nothing better after a long day on the beach.  You can keep it simple like we do, or make your All-American meal as fancy as you want (sriracha corn or bacon bourbon baked beans, anyone?) Or go the surf route instead of the turf and enjoy some good fresh lobstah. According to my personal philosophy, a meal is not complete without dessert, so finish it off with a yummy shortcake topped with the perfect American color-combo: white whipped cream and red and blue berries!

And of, course, how could I forget something to wash it all down with? Crack open one of Budweiser's American-themed bottles to be extra festive (yes, even I will drink Bud Heavy for the occasion).  Or celebrate with another summer staple - watermelon. Soak it in tequila, dip it in salt, and you've got a portable margarita! You can sip a strawberry daquiri on the beach, or sit on the front porch and watch the Forth of July parade with some Front Porch Lemonade - a yummy mix of bourbon and ginger and lemonade. (And y'all know how much I like my bourbon.)

Above all, remember this: eat, drink, and be aMERIcan.

02 July 2013


I'm kicking off the countdown to one of my favorite holidays, the FOURTH OF JULY, with a little outfit inspiration. I always dress up for the 4th - both because I'm always at the beach for my family reunion and we never half-ass anything, and because half my closet is navy and white stripes anyway, so it's not entirely difficult. While the heinous accessories of American flag handkerchiefs tired around my head, leis, red white and blue beads, and other monstrosities from Party City might be well in my past (and luckily for me, immortalized in photographs), I still plan out a festive Fourth outfit.  

I'm just at the beach with the fam, so I tend to stick to a jorts-and-top combo, but I may have to step up my game to the fireworks shorts above.  And if you're doing anything remotely fancy, that maxi is a must.  I've found that pretty much everyone has blue and white in their closet, but red is a bit harder to come by. If you don't have that perfect red/white/blue printed skirt shown above, you can always just throw a red coral necklace on with your favorite Breton striped shirt or eyelet top.  

The bottom line: there no excuse not to dress up and party like it's 1776. #murica

01 July 2013


Happy first day of the best month of the year!
July 4th, smack dab in the middle of summer, beach days, barbecues, popsicles, and my birthday (!!!!).... 
What more could a girl ask for?


28 June 2013


Hey, hey. What I've been clicking on this week:

01. Who What Wear - 10 Need-To-Know Tips for Getting Your Fashion Dream Job: Some tips and tricks to "break into the fashion industry". Lame phrase, but really - work hard and have a good attitude and always write a nice thank you note. #internlife

02. Vogue - Wedding Guide: Where has this been all my life? Love their breakdown by different categories. I wish there were more to flip through and daydream about. #swoon

02. Levo League - How to Become that Girl you Always Wanted to Be: Comparison is the thief of joy and all that. Great article on how to channel all that girl-crush-envy into making yourself girl-crushable. Step one: get a juicer. (Just kidding.)

03. The Spectacular Now Trailer: All of the interns in my office are obsessing over this. It's cute and romantic and funny (all the things I like best in a movie) without being cheesy or cliche. Also - it got rave reviews at Sundance so it must be good, right guys?????

04. Guest of a Guest - The 10 Best Midtown Bars to Unwind after Work: Because HAPPY HOUR is my new jam. Sometimes the week is just too long.  Though right now in my life, I prefer places with $1 beer nights than "good atmosphere". #internlifeagain

05. Leaked New Beyonce Song: Put it on, turn it up, and pour yourself a drink - it's FRIDAY!!!


In honor of Wimbledon, it's time to break out your tennis whites.  Perfect for easy, breezy summer days, rock an LWD to work or pair a kicky white skirt with a matching top for weekend fun.  Punch it up with colorful accessories (bonus points if it's a cute tennis themed tote, ala Kate Spade) or go the extra mile and add white tennies.  You might not look like Pippa Middleton, but you will look like you just stepped off Centre Court. (Athleticism optional.)


27 June 2013


For every pristine white kitchen that I pin, I pin just as many rooms with crazy wallpaper and shockingly-colored furniture. After all, too much of a good thing (color + pattern) can be truly wonderful!