16 August 2013


Lots of fun links that I'm loving this week, from party ideas to pick up lines to debates on education and women in the workforce. Read & enjoy & bake some yummy cookies - it's the weekend!

01. The Awkward Years Project: A submission-based tumblr that shows people now versus what they looked like in their "awkward years".  I have flashbacks to my own middle school days - braces, no makeup, and the inability to properly smile in school picutres....yikes!

02. Why Oh Why is the Birkenstock Back?: Jess Graves of the Love List says what a lot of us are thinking - Birkenstocks? WTF? I don't care if Vogue and Leandra have ok'd it, Birkenstocks are not a good look.

03. DIY Big Fringe Garland: I stumbled across this tutorial on Oh Happy Day, and think I might have to try it out for my friend's upcoming birthday. We've having people over to our new house at school the first weekend back, so I know it won't be decorated at all. I'm thinking that this easy-to-make, colorful space-filler-upper will make the room look more festive!

04. Best Apps for Design and Living: Alright, so considering I don't actually own my own home (not even an apartment, really), most of these are pretty useless to me now. But Domaine's round-up is great, and if you're doing anything with your home, from picking out paint colors to measuring windows, there's probably an app on this list to make your life easier.

05. 7 Best F. Scott Fitzgerlad Pick-Up Lines You Should Be Aware Of: Gents, for the next time you find yourself at the bar with the pretty lady  - learn from the master.

06. Six College Courses that Help Grads Land Jobs: My Dad actually sent me this one. All I can say is thank goodness I'm an Econ major. Though I'm definitely considering adding a writing class or a leadership-based course to my schedule this coming year...

07. SMP Sprinkles Shower: The cutest sprinkles-themed shower over on Style Me Pretty - pun intended! There's umbrellas, silver "rain" streamers, and blue drinks, and also donuts, marshmallows, and rice krispie treats all getting the rainbow treatment with a different kind of sprinkle. Too cute!

08. Are We Really Screwed If We Leave Work to Have Babies?: An interesting article on Refinery 29 in response to the NY Times article "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In", discussing whether or not women who "opted out" of work to raise their children are now regretting that decision or not.  I'm loving all the debate about this topic right now, as a soon-to-be young working women, though I can't help but feel that one of the women they interviewed summed it up best:
"The conclusion that I’m coming to with the whole Sheryl SandbergAnne Marie Slaughter / "Can Women Really Have It All’ debate really comes down, once again, to the wise words of Cher Horowitz: It’s a personal choice that every woman has got to make for herself."
Any article that quotes Clueless is a must read in my book!

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