27 February 2013


Ah, the Oscar's.  The red carpet's Super Bowl, if you will.  While I didn't get to watch it live (#abroad problems), there were more than enough blog posts, tweets, etc. about it the next morning to satisfy.  While I wasn't super impressed this year (does it seem like slim pickings to y'all?) there were some lovely ladies who I thought looked muy guapa!

one. JENNIFER ANISTON (valentino).  I'm Team Aniston all the way, so on the real I'm just super excited she was there and looking hot.  Also, considering Jen always seems to be wearing something black and simple, this showstopper is a step out for her and I love it. Plus, the hair.

two. CHARLIZE THERON. (dior).  She looks kind of like a sexy robot/ice queen type thing.  Whatever - it works for her.  Also working for her? The short hair. If only we all had the bone structure to pull that off.

three. STACY KEIBLER (naeem kahn). Personally, not that much of a Stacy fan - she's pretty much only famous for dating George Clooney, and that kind of rubs me the wrong way.  No matter what, however, she definitely looked fantastic on his arm - that dress (and her bod) is bangin'.

four. NAOMI WATTS (armani).  So much sparkle, so little time!  The neckline makes it so interesting, and her hair looks perfect with it.

five. ZOE SALDANA (alexis mabille). I have such a girl crush on Zoe, and she always looks fabulous on the red carpet.  For me, the hem is a throwback to her killer purple dress at the 2010 Oscars.  While this skirt is more understated, the top has got fabulous detail and she pulls it all off like only Zoe can. I only wish she had lost the belt in the limo on the way there...

six. AMY ADAMS (oscar de la renta).  Ruffles, train, pretty color, pretty hair. A true princess dress. If I were going to the Oscars, I'd go all out like this.  YOLO, Amy Adams. YOLO.

seven. JENNIFER LAWRENCE (dior).  Current biggest girl crush ever.  Also, again - if I were going to the Oscars, especially with the chance to win, I'd totally want to look like a princess. This fits the bill.

eight. JESSICA CHASTAIN (armani). As a fellow fair-skinned, light-haired person, props to J.Chas to pulling off this color.  I think the metallic totally makes it, the cut is beautiful, and that the hair and lipstick are the icing on the cake. She looks totally old school Hollywood glamorous.

nine. SAMANTHA BARKS (valentino).  Apparently she plays Epoine in Les Mis?  (Sorry Samantha - I still haven't seen it).  But she looks awesome enough for me to look her up.  A simple black dress with the low v-neck and the stunning necklace is a recipe for success.  Flat-chested girls (like me): take note.

ten. SALLY FIELD (valentino).  That train. BOOM, enough said.

further proof that J.Lawrence is the coolest thing since sliced bread:
+ more j.law oscars weirdness via

26 February 2013

Just got back from Prague last night, so today feels like a Monday.  
Currently having a bit of a crisis in which I'm realizing that while my Spanish is improving, my sense of responsibility seems to be going in the opposite direction.  Hit my allotted number of skipped classes with more trips planned, no summer internship in sight, and can't remember the last time I got more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep.Hopefully looking at this pic of JT will make it all better, and I'll be back with regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Cheers!

22 February 2013


Off to Prague this weekend to meet up with some of my favorite sorority sisters! So excited to see them and to see Prague itself - everyone I've talked to absolutely loves it.  In other abroad news, I had midterms this week, which was an unpleasant surprise.  Sometimes you forget you're technically here to study (and I mean study in the loosest possible way).  Now that they're over, hopefully I'll get some posts up soon about my trips - with some pretty pictures to accompany them! 
Hope everyone has a fahahahabulous weekend!

21 February 2013

WINE 101

Do y'all read the Everygirl?  I absolutely love it - it's full of great features on real women and they have all sorts of practical advice for us twentysomethings, such as how to stock a pantry and what kitchen tools every girl should have.  If you don't already subscribe, I highly recommend it!

One of their latest features is on Wine Education 101, and I have to say that they've done it again.  They break down each type of wine one by one, give you a glossary so you know what all those people at snooty restaurants are talking about, and they also include a little guide for how to throw your own wine tasting! As someone who loves both wine and cheese, this little soiree is right up my alley!

all photos from The Everygirl.

19 February 2013


Oh yeah, break out the bakeware.  
No need to wait all year for your Samoa fix!
Find the recipe here!

18 February 2013


It's not that cold here in Barcelona, but we definitely have some of the best weather in Europe right now.  Which means that any time I travel someplace else, it's considerably colder and I need to be prepared for a long day of sightseeing in the cold/rain/snow/hail/etc.  After London two weeks ago and Amsterdam this weekend - not to mention a looming trip to Prague on the horizon - I'm determined to invest in both a warm knit snood (such a great word) to cover up my neck and face and a cute knit headband to keep my ears warm on blustery days.  If all these European girls manage to be both warm and stylish, who's to say I can't be as well?


14 February 2013


If you haven't thought of the perfect something to get your Valentine, just send them one of Ben Kling's fabulous Dictator Valentines. (Leon Trotsky is my fav, in case any of y'all were wondering).  Hope everyone celebrates all the love in their life today, no matter what kind!

Me, I'll be celebrating my love of chocolate, champagne, and cheesy romantic comedies.
Big plans.

11 February 2013


Between going to London this past weekend, Valentine's Day, and Fashion Week, I've got far too much to blog about and way too little time. Expect some London pics, some V-day suggestions, and some Fashion Week recap coming soon to a screen near you. So buckle your seatbelts and keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle - this week is going to be crazy!

07 February 2013



Jetting off to London for a hot second this weekend.  Literally - I get in Friday night and leave Sunday afternoon.  While I've loved my weekends in Barcelona, I'm excited to explore more of Europe.  I've never been to London, so I'm excited to eat fish and chips and have tea and ride a double-decker bus like a true tourist! (And, you know, the fact that everyone speaks English definitely helps!)

05 February 2013


You know how sometimes you buy things on impulse - just a spur-of-the-moment, I-have-to-have-this, toss-it-in-the-cart kind of thing?  Usually, that thing that you couldn't live without at the time ends up sitting in the back of your closet for a few years before finally being donated to a thrift shop.  For a while there, I thought that was the fate for these puppies.

They're from Target, which gets me every time with the impulse buys.  Everything is just so cute and colorful and cheap!  I was shopping for things for my apartment last fall when these called my name from the sale rack.  They are absolutely not my style at all - I hardly wear heels, and when I do they're plain and black and tall.  So leopard print wedges? Really?

Well, I fell in love and threw them in my cart and spend the extra $10.  My mom about cried when I showed them to her because she thought they were so hideous, and I've worn them a grand total of two times in the year and a half I've owned them.  Maybe they just weren't meant to be. 


But then I went to Europe. And threw them in my suitcase.  And have literally worn them at least two times a week since I've been here.  When we go out at night here in Barcelona, we wear heels.  And sometimes the black dress + black tights + black coat + black booties thing can become more than a little monotonous.  Solution?  Throw these babies on.  They're comfortable enough to dance in all night, and the leopard adds that little something-something your outfit has been missing.  I've more than gotten my money's worth.

So my advice? Next time you see something cheap and cute and ohmgodyouhavetohaveit? 
Buy it - you'll thank me later.

04 February 2013

03 February 2013


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Today, I am homesick. While I love being in Barcelona, today, there is no where I'd rather be than on a couch at home or at school, with a cold beer in one hand and a chip loaded with guacamole in the other.  It's Superbowl Sunday, and unlike those who just like beer and 7-layer dip, I really enjoy football and always love watching the championship game.

Anyway, being 6 hours ahead of the East Coast means that kickoff in BCN will be at approximately 12:30 tonight. Stellar. So instead of sitting on a couch and munching on treats and yelling at the TV, I will be in a bar filled with American students, elbowing my way to get a view of the TV and paying 5 euros for a beer I don't really want.  But I will do it because I love football and the Superbowl and America, and even being in Spain isn't going to stop me from watching.  
(Though probably just the first half.  12:30 on a Sunday is L-A-T-E people!!)

But lucky you - y'all still have the chance to whip up some snacks and get your spot on the couch all worn in before the game begins this evening.  If you're looking for some good suggestions, here's what I wish I was snacking on today.  
Enjoy watching the Superbowl at a reasonable hour, and have a beer and some onion dip for me!