03 February 2013


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Today, I am homesick. While I love being in Barcelona, today, there is no where I'd rather be than on a couch at home or at school, with a cold beer in one hand and a chip loaded with guacamole in the other.  It's Superbowl Sunday, and unlike those who just like beer and 7-layer dip, I really enjoy football and always love watching the championship game.

Anyway, being 6 hours ahead of the East Coast means that kickoff in BCN will be at approximately 12:30 tonight. Stellar. So instead of sitting on a couch and munching on treats and yelling at the TV, I will be in a bar filled with American students, elbowing my way to get a view of the TV and paying 5 euros for a beer I don't really want.  But I will do it because I love football and the Superbowl and America, and even being in Spain isn't going to stop me from watching.  
(Though probably just the first half.  12:30 on a Sunday is L-A-T-E people!!)

But lucky you - y'all still have the chance to whip up some snacks and get your spot on the couch all worn in before the game begins this evening.  If you're looking for some good suggestions, here's what I wish I was snacking on today.  
Enjoy watching the Superbowl at a reasonable hour, and have a beer and some onion dip for me!

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