30 April 2012


So if you haven't picked up on the printed jeans trend yet, you've clearly been living under a rock.  If you're anything like me, however, the idea of wearing leopard print or tribal patterns on your legs makes you break out in hives.  The solution?  Take a brand that makes really good jeans and have them partner with another brand that produces really good, classic floral prints, add a touch of Lycra, a dash of English roses, and stir the whole thing counterclockwise.  Voila! You've got the Paige x Liberty collaboration. They've got three prints each for their best-selling shorts and skinny jeans.  Snap 'em up soon at PaigeUSA.
images via teen vogue

27 April 2012


This weekend is the annual Foxfield Races, a huge steeplechase event in Charlottesville, VA that's hugely popular with the college crowd.  It's a great excuse to pull out your preppiest sundress, slip into some Jack's, and wear a cute floppy sunhat to shade your shoulders from the sun (even better when it's monogrammed!).  Even though the weather forecast tomorrow isn't the best, it won't stop people from showing up in droves to enjoy some seersucker and mint juleps! (Or, you know, orange juice and cheap vodka in a plastic cup). As they say, if you go to Foxfield and see any horses, you're doing it wrong!

photo via pinterest
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24 April 2012



Absolutely L-O-V-I-N-G the photos of the home of Katie Rodgers, the illustrator behind Paper Fashion, over on the Glitter Guide.  It's all neutral and simple with bright pops of neon that really make the room fun.  Plus, as an avid fan of inspiration boards of all shapes and sizes, I really love the bright prints and illustrations hanging above her desk!  If my desk were this fun, I'd never want to leave.  

Which, now that I think about it, would mean I'd probably get a lot more work done. Hmmmm....
Step one: invest in a good gnome.

images via the glitter guide

21 April 2012


An image that caught my eye today - this white kitchen with its pops of color.  So bright and cheery!
image via here.

20 April 2012


Yesterday's post about the travel-friendly STACKED wines and today's beautiful weather have me craving a picnic!  If I could do it, I would go all out - a springtime picnic cocktail, a fabulous cheese board, and a post-lunch game of croquet in the sunshine!  And this, of course, is the casual all-American outfit I would wear!

19 April 2012


Being a college student, I tend to drink my fair share of wine.  It may be cheap wine out of cheaper glasses - sometimes accompanied by Wheat Thins and cheap cheese - but the fact that it's wine makes the whole thing seem much more glamourous.  And let's face it, college and glamourous hardly ever go together.

So when I discovered STACKED wines over at A Piece of Toast, it was like fate. Individual servings all prepackaged?  That means no washing wineglasses, and it's perfect for drinking on porches or taking on picnics.  Plus, at only $15 for a stack of four, it most definitely fits into my college budget.  Absolutely genius! Not to mention, the company is based in my neck of the woods, so I've got to show a little hometown love!  They ship all across the country, but I fully plan on visiting one of the local stores that carries STACKED this summer and filling an extra suitcase to bring back to school with me in the fall.  Trust me - my friends will love me for it.

photos from STACKED wines.

18 April 2012


author: steven pinker
desigern: smith & gilmour
Loving the lettering on this simple cover!

author: amor towles
via amazon.
Read this over Spring Break and absolutely loved it!
In a nutshell, a story about a girl living in the glamourous world of New York in the 1930's.
In reality, so much more than that. Check it out!

17 April 2012

16 April 2012


Pretty coffee table styling by Alexandra Berlin Design.  Get the look with these products!
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So this weekend we had our sorority's big parents formal and I'm being completely honest when I say it was one of the best nights I've had in college so far.  My parents came all the way across the country for the weekend and Saturday night we drove out to a beautiful estate and had cocktails and dinner under a huge white tent.  Then, of course, the band came out and any hope of hair and makeup staying in place went out the window.  Luckily, wedges are super easy to dance in!  This is the outfit I wore (well, with a few caveats).  
Caveat #1: My wedges were actually the Aldo knockoffs from a season or two ago, which I couldn't find online anymore.  
Caveat #2: Let's be honest - we weren't drinking anything close to Moet.  
We still had an absolutely fabulous time!

11 April 2012


Isn't that mix of textures and shades of neutrals absolutely fabulous? I'm looking to inject a little bit of that nude-colored magic into my spring wardrobe.  Let's only hope my outfits turn out as fabulous as hers!
image via pinterest

10 April 2012


These patterns have caught my eye over the past week - clearly there's a cream/black/pink/red theme going on! If I had to pick a favorite, I'm really digging the uneven dots of number three, but I could think of a thousands places to use any of them!


chi-town via instagram

Hi! Sorry I've been completely MIA this past week.  Our internet has actually been down in our apartment, which means that I spent a lot of time in the library - a place where doing things other than homework tends to be frowned upon.  And then I jetted off to Chicago for Easter weekend to meet up with my family.  It was a whirlwind trip, that's for sure, but I loved every second of my time in the Windy City!  Hope everyone else's Easters (or Passovers) went just as well as mine did!