19 April 2012


Being a college student, I tend to drink my fair share of wine.  It may be cheap wine out of cheaper glasses - sometimes accompanied by Wheat Thins and cheap cheese - but the fact that it's wine makes the whole thing seem much more glamourous.  And let's face it, college and glamourous hardly ever go together.

So when I discovered STACKED wines over at A Piece of Toast, it was like fate. Individual servings all prepackaged?  That means no washing wineglasses, and it's perfect for drinking on porches or taking on picnics.  Plus, at only $15 for a stack of four, it most definitely fits into my college budget.  Absolutely genius! Not to mention, the company is based in my neck of the woods, so I've got to show a little hometown love!  They ship all across the country, but I fully plan on visiting one of the local stores that carries STACKED this summer and filling an extra suitcase to bring back to school with me in the fall.  Trust me - my friends will love me for it.

photos from STACKED wines.

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