30 July 2013


I'm assuming y'all have heard of a little site called Who, What, WearAnyway, after having a beauty spin-off with its own dedicated email for awhile now, just today they launched a whole new beauty-focused site called BYRDIE.  The site - and the daily email - has everything you ever wanted to know and more about the latest in hair, makeup, skin, etc. products and styles and things I don't even know about yet.  I highly recommend signing up for it, even if you're like me and don't even know how to work your curling iron, much less create perfect mermaid waves in less than ten minutes.

And even better, as I clicked though to the site today I saw their post on Carven's new perfume.  Remember this post about the weekend my parents and I visited Paris while I was abroad? And how I stopped into Colette and they had this lovely little perfume on display, in such a chic bottle and with such a florally, decidedly French scent that I picked it up as my Paris souvenir of choice?

Well, lo and behold, it was this same Carven perfume. So imagine my surprise when I was reading on Byrdie that it was going to be available this month. But wait! I thought. I bought this months ago.  Yes, I did - in Paris, where it was apparently launched before it was in the U.S.  

Sometimes I'm so cool it hurts.

Anyway, besides me being all Parisian and ahead of the times, this perfume is lovely and floral and light and girly and French, and I highly second Byrdie's recommendation. And even if you don't snatch it up now, definitely sign up for Byrdie's emails - how else will you discover you've been wearing a cool new French perfume before anyone else?

both images via byrdie.

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