09 July 2013


After a quick jaunt down to the great state of North Carolina for the long weekend, I've returned to New York rested, sunburnt, and in dire need of a new weekender bag.  I've had a fantastic orange and white striped one from Bella Bags (similar to this one!) since freshman year of college, but after lugging it across the country multiple times a year - not to mention dragging it around Europe for a semester - it's a little worse from the wear (actual rips in the plastic that you can see through and handles that are slowly becoming detached...)

I've been leaning towards the J.McLaughlin sailcloth one forever just because it's classic and durable (and can be monogrammed, of course).  (I actually first posted it about it here, where I'm lamenting the same thing. Good to see my little orange-and-white stripey lasted another year!) But now I'm thinking that white might not be the best idea for lugging something through dirty airports and train stations and whatever other forms of public transportation I endure.  So I figured I'd do a little online shopping and round up the best ones. Now the only problem is to choose....hopefully in time for my next trip!

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