02 July 2013


I'm kicking off the countdown to one of my favorite holidays, the FOURTH OF JULY, with a little outfit inspiration. I always dress up for the 4th - both because I'm always at the beach for my family reunion and we never half-ass anything, and because half my closet is navy and white stripes anyway, so it's not entirely difficult. While the heinous accessories of American flag handkerchiefs tired around my head, leis, red white and blue beads, and other monstrosities from Party City might be well in my past (and luckily for me, immortalized in photographs), I still plan out a festive Fourth outfit.  

I'm just at the beach with the fam, so I tend to stick to a jorts-and-top combo, but I may have to step up my game to the fireworks shorts above.  And if you're doing anything remotely fancy, that maxi is a must.  I've found that pretty much everyone has blue and white in their closet, but red is a bit harder to come by. If you don't have that perfect red/white/blue printed skirt shown above, you can always just throw a red coral necklace on with your favorite Breton striped shirt or eyelet top.  

The bottom line: there no excuse not to dress up and party like it's 1776. #murica

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