13 September 2012



I'm a big Avett Brothers fan.  I love anything with a twang to it, and the Avett Brother's bluegrass roots and beautiful lyrics send me into a tailspin.  I've only listened to this album a few times, but it's already a new favorite.  And the fact that they're coming into town later fall so I'll be able to see them perform this live? Icing on the cake.
FAV TRACK: "The Once and Future Carpenter"
rolling stone: the carpenter


 Like, omigawd, you're in college? 
Do you, like, luurrveee Dave Matthews?  
Answer: yes and yes (though my favorite song is not Satellite, so I'm only slightly cliche).
  DMB is the quintessential college jam band.  They reunite with their old produce Lillywhite on this album, harkening back to some of his 90's sounds.  Definitely more a jazzy jam than a rocky jam, which I'm digging.  It's the Dave we all know and love, no matter when we graduate(d).
FAV TRACK: tie between "Broken Things" and "Sweet" so far.
rolling stone: away from it all

In a classic SAT-style "which one doesn't belong" question, this album would be the correct choice.  To be honest, I wasn't that big of an xx fan until I saw them live, which seems completely contradictory.  But there's something about the beauty in the simplicity, the haunting vocals and the sparse lyrics.  (Also, it's great music to study to).
FAV TRACK: "Angels"
rolling stone: coexist

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