18 September 2012


S, in a fit f re am kutziness, I sashed sme cffee n my at  Cnsequentiay mst f the keys n the right side f the keybard dn't wrk  Briiant right  It takes me s ng t tye a sentence cying and asting etters  S exect sme sience n my end whie I take my cmuter int the sh and ray that it gets fixed ASA fr as chea as ssibe Fingers crssed!

So, in a fit of pre-am klutziness, I splashed some coffee on my laptop. Consequentially, most of the keys on the right side of my keyboard don't work. Brilliant, right?  It takes me so long to type a sentence copying and pasting lettersSo expect some silence on my end while I take my computer into the shop and pray that it gets fixed ASAP (for as cheap as possible) Fingers crossed!

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