05 June 2013


Just a day in the life, ya dig?

01. The view of the early morning sun over the East River on my run this morning.  
(Yes, I dragged myself out of a bed at 6 am to go on a quick 25 minute run.  
Still not sure where the willpower came from. Will now accept applause, and extra servings of dessert.)

02. My new jeans, thanks to the Current/Elliot sample sale.  
These are more coral-ly in person (Instagram filter changed it a bit), but they're simple and skinny and summery 
- and marked down to $40! Booyah!

03. Today's (Wednesday) NY Times' crossword puzzle, all filled out 
(with only a minimal amount of cheating...)

all photos via yours truly and my handy dandy iphone.

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