07 June 2013


So much to read, so little time! Here are some goodies that caught my eye on the web this week.

01. SHORT STACK: a kickstarter project to create handmade cookbooklets - small-format cookbooks that focus on a single, inspiring ingredient, with recipes culled by an awesome tastemasters and food writers.

02. HIGHBROW SUMMER READS: a list complied by flavorwire of some good summer reads, both in quality and plot. can't wait to add some to my summer reading list!

03. LOEFFLER RANDALL'S PRE-FALL ACCESSORIES: beautifully crafted shoes and bags for all the cool cats out there. my favs are the lock clutch and the damaris platform sandal.

04. ONLINE TOOLS FOR AN ORGANIZED LIFE: laicie of one thousand threads' tips for online sites and apps to help keep your life O.T.O.T. (on time, on target). i'll be downloading some of these for sure!

05. WHAT, WHY, AND HOW TO STYLE HAIR: into the gloss kills it with this feature that demystfies the hair product aisle in sephora.  what's the difference between wax and pomade? which should you use? when should you use it? all that and some quirky illustrations to boot - a must bookmark.

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