12 May 2012


all image via juicy couture.

I was in middle school during the whole Juicy Couture heyday.  I remember I begged and pleaded and stomped my feet to try and get my mother to buy me a Juicy tracksuit, but she put her foot down.  (Looking back, I'm thankful - a velour tracksuit? Rhinestones? Words across the butt? Really?)  At one point, I saved up enough to by myself an on-sale, last season jacket in a deep cranberry color, and I wore it to death.  But then I outgrew it, and by then, the Juicy phase was over and I moved on with my life.

And then today, while shopping for a Mother's day present, I paused by a window so cute and colorful I just had to go inside.  And what store, you might ask, had captured my attention so?  None other than the JC itself.  I haven't set foot in the store in the five-odd years it's been at the mall until today, but boy am I glad that I did.  Neon and metallic shorts, lace dresses, Trina Turk-esque shift dresses, and neon and rhinestone jewelry - what more could a girl want?  They still sell the tracksuit, so steer clear of those, but they've got some seriously cute stuff as well.  And don't worry - all the dresses still come with that cute little j-shaped zipper you loved back in middle school!

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