16 October 2012


It's October, dudes, and you know what that means: HALLOWEEN!  Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays, and there's nothing better than celebrating it in college.  Instead of wearing one costume and going out trick-or-treating one night, you get to go out all weekend, wearing a different costume every night!  It's a dream come true!! (Though with considerably more alcohol than candy).  Also, one of my favorite events of all time at my school is Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn, where all of the kiddos from around town dress up and come trick-or-treat at the rooms that line the Lawn on campus.  It's literally the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your life.  I usually spend the entire afternoon taking stalkerish pictures of nuggets dressed up and toddling around and playing in the leaves.

Also, I'm really excited to finally get to decorate for Halloween!  (A dorm and an apartment don't really give you much in the way of that).  But now that I'm in the sorority house, we've got a great front porch that is just begging for some cool pumpkins.  Here are some of my favorite ideas from the interwebs.
So much spirit!!!  And a creative way to show off your house number for the mailman!
These ones are painted, but you could get fancy and carve as well - 
especially the silhouette of your state.  
(This could easily be school pride as well - just slap the logo on there!)
In this case, all that glitters is definitely gold, my friends.
Either spray paint gold or silver, or spray paint with clear sticky stuff
and roll liberally in glitter.  (Make sure you do that on some newspaper or something).
It'll be one glitzy Halloween.
Soooo trendy right now. (But actually).
Get in with the cool kids and paint your pumpkin chevron.
Hint: use masking tape for this one.
Bonus points: carving a pumpkin in a chevron pattern
(Obviously not all the way through - you just scrape it, duh).

So my love affair with monograms isn't really a secret,
but in all honestly, HOW COOL ARE THESE?
Get fancy with a stencil and a knife, or paint it in cool colors.
Nothing says this pumpkin is MINE like actually putting 
your name (or initials) on it.

Are you even trendier than chevron?
Do you have a neon Cambridge Satchel and ombre hair and
 are just generally way cooler than the rest of us?
Congrats, here are the pumpkins for you.
Use tape for the criss-cross and the dip-dyed.
Click through for instructions on the ombre pumpkins, 
because I'm too lazy to explain it here.
Proceed to bask in your own trendiness.

You can always just fuck it all and make this:

My only advice? Don't drink & carve.

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