29 October 2012


Yo yo yo, dear readers.

If you, like me, are currently residing on the East Coast, you've been getting all sorts of alerts and updates about the impending Frankenstorm, our dear friend Sandy.  Currently, she's my new best friend, as classes were cancelled today!!!  (But actually, this never happens).  Which means that instead of spending Sunday night in the library and waking up at 8 am this morning, everyone went out to bars last night.  Picture a packed bar filled with students in leggings and t-shirts and raincoats, most straight from the library, getting drunk and randomly starting chants of "Sandy! Sandy!".  Quite the experience.

If you're not as lucky as I am and have to brave the elements, here's a suggestion for a cute and colorful outfit.  None of this cutesy little trenchcoat stuff here - Sandy means business.  Patagonia rain jacket, Bean Boots with Gor-Tex, and Under Armour Coldgear leggings will keep you warm and dry.  A cute doggie sweater and a plaid scarf keep you from looking like Bear Grylls.  Throw in a cheeky survival guide for helpful tips and a flashlight in case the power goes (or you have to bash someone's head in, obvs) and you've got yourself a hurricane-proof outfit!

In honor of that, go drink a Hurricane.

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