11 October 2012


Lesson #2 I've learned from living in a sorority house: people have really cute underwear.  Namely, my friend Gracie. Living in a house with twenty girls trying to get ready on a Friday night, you end up seeing everyone in their underwear in the awkward post-shower-but-still-haven't-figured-out-what-to-wear stage.  I'm always so envious of my friend Grace, who's standing in her room wearing cute matching bra and panties and looking so chic doing her makeup and I just want to be her.  She always looks so sophisticated - like how you're actually supposed to look in lingerie.  Her secret: buy underwear, any underwear, that matches.  It's not about anyone seeing you in said matching underwear (though I'm sure that wouldn't hurt).  It's about knowing you're wearing really cute undies, and it gives you that little extra pep in your step.

So now I'm on a matching underwear kick.  Like, actually.  I tried to convince my mom to buy me a nice set and she laughed at me over the phone and told me I'm lucky she even buys me underwear from Victoria's Secret.  Strike out.  So while that super sexy VPL set is nowhere in my near future (I had to include it in the round up just for kicks), here are a bunch of other options I've been lusting after.  Anthropologie has great sets of underwear, and I love love love the polka-dotted Honeydews that Madewell carries (number 6).

So new goal: get a cute set of matching underwear so that I too can stand around in a house full of girls in only my undies while I blow dry my hair and look damn good doing it.  I can't think of any better reason to buy cute underwear than that.  (Well, except for, you know, that other one....)  


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