20 November 2012


So here's the deal: you're home for Thanksgiving at your parents' house.  Maybe it's just your close immediate family, maybe you've got your third cousin once removed there.  Point is, it's Thanksgiving dinner with the family, and you've somehow been volun-told to make a dessert.  This is where your life turns into a choose-your-own-adventure paperbacks I used to check out of my middle school library, where picking the wrong thing could lead to DEATH.
(Or, you know, just being ridiculed and possibly cut out of the will).

**DISCLAIMER: This is an exaggeration.  The author passes no judgement if you make a pumpkin pie, at any point on the homemade to store-bought continuum.  Pumpkin pie is delicious.  She is merely pointing out that this might be a good chance to actually make one of those recipes you always pin to Pinterest.  Also, no matter which option you pick, there is no guarantee of tears of either joy or sorrow.

OPTION 1: Rustic Apple Pie Tart.
I guess it's technically a tart, but it also has the word pie in it, so it counts.  
Also, bonus points if you make it in a cute mini cast iron skiller.  (via.)

OPTION 2: Bourbon Pecan Pie.
One word: bourbon. Also, it was featured in Garden & Gun, so it's gotta be pretty good. (via.)

OPTION 3: Spiced Bourbon Apple Pie.
I repeat - bourbon.  Also a good one for people who don't like pumpkin. (via.)

OPTION 4: Shoefly Pie.
According to the website, a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch dessert.  Main flavor: molasses. (via.)

OPTION 5: Sweet Potato Pecan & Bourbon Pie.
Again with the bourbon.  And the pecans. Twist! This one's got sweet potato in to as well. (via.)

OPTION 6: Crack Pie.
A recipe from Milk Bar by way of Bon Appetit; so called because of its addictive qualities.
Warning: may require an intervention. (via)

Make the right choice & may the odds be ever in your favor, my friends!

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