27 November 2012


It's always such a relief to see stars wearing the same thing in different pictures.  
First of all, because it's nice to be reassured that celebrities don't actually wear an outfit once and then throw it away, as it sometimes can seem.  (Sidenote: if you happen to know someone that does this, please give their trashman my address).  Also, it definitely makes them seem more human to know that they have a favorite pair of shoes that they wear all the time just like we do.

Here, Miranda Kerr has perfected the art of the repeat.  She's got a great denim shirt, an awesome pair of black cowboy booties, and a beautiful black bag, and she rocks them multiple times.  The color combo of black, denim, and textured gray might seem simple, but as they say, less is more, my darlings.  Use this as your outfit inspiration for the coming winter weeks, when the fact that you're waking up before the sun even rises makes it difficult to color-coordinate.

Final touches: throw on some diva-status sunglasses and grab yourself a baby and voila! 
You too can be Victoria Secret Angel!

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