10 January 2013


One of the many things I've noticed while wandering the streets of Barcelona the past few days is the abundance of Zaras.  Like, literally, one on every corner.   Not that I'm complaining or anything.  Well, I might be after a month or so when I get my bank statement, but that's a whole 'nother story.  

Anyway, I wandered in for the first time today, and even though we have Zara at home, I found myself wanting to buy everything.  My excuses? One: I need more "European" clothes (which is probably why everything I picked was black...).  Two: Even though it's from Zara, I can say "I got it in Spain" when someone asks me where I bought it.  Way cooler.  

Plus, every store - and I mean EVERY STORE - in Spain is having a sale right now, and every window has huge signs that say REBAJAS.  As if I need any more incentive to spend some Euros....

P.S. I'll post more soon about the city itself and my experience so far, but right now, I need a siesta!


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