16 January 2013


One of my most recent - and favorite - discoveries while wandering the streets of Barcelona is happy pills.  It's a Spanish candy shop that totally commits to the theme of candy being "happy pills" that cure all.  As you can see from the picture above, the storefront is what drew us in originally - so cool!  The whole place is white and sleek and clinical, just like what you would expect from a medically-themed store.  What you do next is easy enough.

The pill bottles and cases cost a few extra euros, depending on the size, so we just got plastic baggies that we filled to the brim with gummy candy of every color.  You seal the bag with a cool happy pills sticker, which tells you what the pills were supposed to cure - everything from lovesickness to a Sunday without football.  A cute concept, a well-designed store, and delicious candy - what more could a girl ask for? 


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