11 March 2013



Sorry for the lack of posting, but exciting things have been happening IRL, dudes!
Here's the biggest news: my parents came to Europe!  
After being in a foreign country with so many strange things and experiences for so long, it was beyond nice to see them.  I showed them around Barcelona for a few days, and then we jetted off to Paris together.  Let me tell you - after traveling as a poor college student, taking the cheapest flights and staying in hostels and packing all my belongings for a weekend in just a backpack, it was so. incredibly. nice to travel with my parents.  I'm talking nice hotel, fancy dinners, taking actual taxi cabs as opposed to public transportation - the works!  I just got back today, and it's definitely going to be a shock to reenter the real world.  Class today was brutal enough.  
Anyway, look for a post on Paris to come!

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