19 March 2013


It's that time of year again - SPRING. BREAK.

Yes, we get it even here in Spain.  Technically, it's semana santa - aka Holy Week aka the week before Easter, but a week of no classes is a week of no classes, right?  I'm headed out of town Sunday, hitting up the Canary Islands, Valencia, and Mallora before making my way back to BCN.  That's right - enough of these cultural European cities.  This girl's tryna get her tan on.  

In the world inside my head, this is what I'd pack - a big tote bag and sandals to walk around town during the day, sunglasses and a bikini for the beach, and a tropical shift dress and wedges for when the sun goes down.  After all, you can only fit so much in a carry on, but when you're headed to the beach, you don't need much!

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