15 March 2013


This weekend is St. Paddy's Day.  (Not St. Patty's Day).  It's one of my favorite holidays, because it always seems to mark the start of Spring and pretty much all it entails is drinking lots of beer. (And also putting on lots of sunscreen, thanks to the fair skin and freckles that actually stem from my Irish heritage.)  This year, however, St. Patrick's Day is going to be a little bit different than just a giant fraternity party.

This year, I'm going to be in DUBLIN.

That's right - this girl's going to be at the heart of it all, in actual Ireland, to celebrate.  Sure, it'll be lots of American tourists, but whatever.  I'll be with a bunch of my friends (and I mean a bunch - St. Paddy's Day seems to be the Spring version of Oktoberfest for study abroad students).  I'll be rocking my green jeans.  I'll be drinking actual Guinness.  And I'll be in actual Ireland.

For those of you significantly less cooler than me (just kidding), you can still celebrate in style.  
Check out some of these green picks to get you in the spirit for this weekend!

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