28 May 2013


So as y'all know, I'm currently in New York. NYC is the land of many things - street hot dogs, Broadway shows, the Empire State Building, etc. It's also the land of teeny tiny apartments and astronomical rent.  I lucked out and am actually subletting an apartment from one of my friends that goes to NYU. It's a great place - pretty roomy, pretty new, and nice and clean and bright.  Since I'm only subletting, however, there's not a lot of furniture, and what there is is pretty plain. This is the actual IKEA furniture in my living room:

As you can see, it's death by beige. Nice for going with everything, but in an apartment with white walls and brown wood floors, it's major snoozeville. But because I'm only subletting, it doesn't really make sense to decorate - I go back home in 3 months, and NYC is expensive enough as it is without spending a fortune on coffee table books and throw pillows.  My solution?  A few picks from places like Etsy and Target to make the room a little more lived-in - without breaking the bank.

 01. THROW PILLOWS in blue & beige to add some color and pattern to the couch.
02. A cozy THROW for curling up and watching a movie at night.
03. A yummy-smelling CANDLE to add some personality to the space.
 04. A NY SUBWAY SIGN PRINT - to fill up white wall space, add some more color, and pay homage to the city I currently call home.

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