09 May 2013


Hi y'all! New column alert here on SPECTACLE. After lugging my stuff across Europe for a semester and then planning on lugging it all back across the country in a few shorts weeks, I realize I'm in need of a major closet clean-out.  You know the drill - getting rid of what doesn't fit, what you don't wear, that sweater that was a gift and you haven't even wore it once, etc.  

And then, the beauty of that is that when you go out with the old, you go in with the new. I'm about to start an internship in a few weeks, and my wardrobe is seriously lacking in both the work clothes department and the essentials. I mean, I don't even own a white button down. (WHO AM I?) So I'll be bringing the twenty-something's wardrobe's essentials to a screen near you in the coming months, complete with inspiration and outfit ideas on the cheap.  So without further ado, the first wardrobe essential!

The whole point of essentials is that you'll wear them a lot and you'll wear them a long time.  So it doesn't have to be designer, but it's worth it to splurge on something with a little more quality, like these J.Crew work pants. Trust me, with the amount you'll wear them to work, they'll more than pay for themselves.


Now that we've got our nice, quality black pants, it's time to mix things up.  I've taken these four outfits from above as inspiration, and add lower-priced items (read: things I can actually afford) to create four outstanding outfits that are ready for anything - and won't break the bank.

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