19 May 2013


In just a few hours, I'm boarding a plane heading straight for NYC.  (Newark, actually, but let's not get picky.)  That's right kids: this girl's going to New York for the summer.  Why? Because I've got myself an internship.  Come Monday, I'll be getting coffee and making copies and whatever else they make me do at my super sweet PR internship.

And of course, I'll let y'all in on the action.  Prepare yourself for lots of posts on cool NYC stuff, clothes to wear to work, and what a PR internship in the city actually is like. (Though don't get too excited - considering I'm a poor college student/intern, all of this will be more like Girls than Sex and the City). Anyway, so excited for what the summer will bring, and let me know if anyone has any tips or suggestions for New York City!!

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