28 August 2012


Today was officially the start of my junior year of college.  Whoop whoop!  

Things that have occurred since I last posted:
1. I moved into the sorority house (Sort of. There's still a few boxes to be moved and things to be hung up.  But I'm almost there).
2. I have gotten absolutely nothing done since I've moved into the house, because it's essentially living with 30 of your best friends and it's far too easy to get distracted.
3. Class started today and I haven't bought my books yet.
4. Copious amounts of cheap beer and liquor have been consumed in.
5. I've been to Target three times in this weekend alone.
6. There are so many little freshman running around and it makes me feel so OLD!
7. It's about 90 degrees and humid out and we have no AC, which means that I spend most of my time sitting in a bra in front of a box fan.
8. I'm back in one of my favorite towns with my favorite people!

Can't wait to get back into the swing of things for real, to settle into all my classes, and, of course, for football season to start!  And, you know, I wouldn't mind for it to get a few degrees cooler either.

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