28 August 2012


So one thing I've already gotten from sharing a bathroom with six other girls is that everyone has a different beauty and makeup routine.  It's been fun looking at the different products girls use and getting to test them out, and after just one weekend of straightening hair and spritzing perfume and batting eyelashes in front of the bathroom mirror, my shopping cart at Sephora had gotten a whole lot fuller.

ONE.  Moroccanoil.  Obvs a cult classic, but something that I never really considered investing in before until I tried my friend's.  It made all of our hair so soft and smooth, and is perfect for when you're not really styling it but need a little product to make it look good (i.e. everyday of my life).

TWO. Kiehl's Creme de Corps.  Disclosure: haven't actually tried this, but my friend Gracie's life goal is to have baby soft skin and she buys anything that might help her achieve that.  She got a sample of this once and absolutely loved it.  Unfortunately, when you go through body lotion at the rate I do, it's not the most financially savvy decision I could make....

THREE. Twistbands.  If you haven't heard of these yet, you've been living under a rock.  I've used them for over a year now and absolutely love them.  I've got super thick hair, and regular hair ties would sometimes snap when I tried to wind them around my ponytail.  These don't.  They also don't leave annoying creases in your hair.  They are also pretty. (My friend just got me a pack with the glittery one in it for my birthday this summer).  Also, all the girls here at school use them to keep their key fobs to their apartments/house on their wrist.  That way you never lose it!

FOUR. Mini Essie Nail Polish.  Obvs everyone loves Essie.  (Turquoise & Caicos was my go-to this summer).  My friend Mimi has a cute set of mini bottles that I've never seen before!  She got them at J. Crew, but Essie makes sets just for its own brand as well.  So cute and tiny!


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