22 August 2012


 Disclaimer: I do not go to Harvard.  I do, however, occasionally peruse the Harvard Business Review. (Disclaimer #2: This is a lie. Someone linked to this specific article and I read it.  I think it's the first article in the HBR I've ever read.)  Anyway, I found this article - "For Those Who Want to Lead, Read" - a great reminder of how important it is to read. I know it's so hard to find time; I'm right there with you.  It took me a semester and a half to finish reading Freakonomics last year, which I should have been able to breeze through in a weekend if...well, if I had a free weekend.  But this summer I've spent a lot of time at the library, getting books to read by the pool and at the beach and at night when there's nothing good on TV, and I've been reminded of how much I enjoy reading.  And, if this article is anything to go off of, it's making me a better leader.  So next time my Mom tells me to get out of my room and go do something when I'm in the middle of an important chapter, I'm just going to inform her of a couple of the facts below.  Check out the rest of the article here, and go check out a book from the library while you're at it.  You can send me a thank you from your corner office later.

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