08 August 2012


So I was looking at my pins and realized two things.  One, I awkwardly have pinned the same image once and then again days later, not remembering that I'd already pinned it.  Also, this has happened on more than one occasion.  Well, at least my taste is consistent, yeah?  Two, I noticed that I pin a lot of image with STATEMENT CLUTCHES.  Yes, it must be capitalized to get the full effect.  Anyways, I'm the type of girl that carries the same brown bag every.single.day, so the idea of having a STATEMENT CLUTCH that really doesn't go with more than two outfits in your closet, tops, is kind of appealing to me.  These options below are cheap enough that even I can afford to indulge in the trend - even if I only carry them once.

images clockwise from top left: ONE / TWO / THREE / FOUR / FIVE / SIX / SEVEN / EIGHT

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